Liz Trosper is an artist and curator living and working in Dallas, Texas. She has an MFA from UT Dallas and was a grad-resident at CentralTrak: The UT Dallas Artist’s Residency from 2013-2015. Trosper is represented by Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas, and her work has been shown in art spaces such as CentralTrak, The Dallas Contemporary, Lawndale Art Center in Houston, Richland College, UT Dallas, Academic Gallery in New York and many other galleries and exhibition spaces. Trosper is a lecturer at UT Dallas and curates a nonprofit experimental art space in Dallas called Umbrella.


By means of abstraction and sensuousness, I probe the experience of ourselves — the experience of our bodies — in a world that emphasizes language, abstraction and hyper-mediated digital culture. Painting is at the center of my work, both as form and content, but I approach the medium using a variety of media spanning from drawing, printmaking, digital imaging, photography, assemblage, installation, performance and video. I prod and trouble the history of painting and abstraction using a feminist lens, questioning the self-serious and mystical traditions of machismo in painting.

Many times, I use elements from beauty culture, evoking associations of the body, self-fashioning, aspiration, fragmentation, skin, paint, embodiment and everyday technology. I embrace both technology and the importance of the body and embodied thinking in both the making and experience of my work.

My work builds from the flatbed picture plane associated with Rauschenberg’s model of painting articulated by Steinberg. In much the same way that everyone has a memory of the way a bed feels, my paintings play on the sensation of paint, how it looks and feels, juxtaposed with everyday technology, which most people experience as part of a work routine. My most current works evoke that sensation along with a sense of motion, falling or being caught in some kind of suspension in contradiction to the gravity that acts on our bodies.