Abstraction: Woman as Object







Thinking about this because of Mai-Thu Perret’s 2008 “The Crystal Frontier” excerpt in Whitechapel’s Abstraction compendium.

“The woman as object fabricated by the capitalist West will be its downfall.”

“Suburban masses sleepwalking through waking life, from one gesture to the next, political prisoners of a grey-tinged nightmare.”

“We are building the hacienda. A pyramid of love. Somewhere in the city armies of cops are massing, manufacturing a confrontation, the banks are closed because they are afraid of the people, they are turning the people against the people. Petty bourgeois daddies are buying guns to protect their rented apartment and semi-detached houses. To protect their right to ride their leased BMWs from their TV screens to the bank and the insurance company. Their houses are sad, prefab shells of what housing could have been. The city is a place where you can’t get lost, it’s an outside without an inside. We will not work to prolong a mechanical civilization and frigid architecture that ultimately lead to boring leisure and endless war.”

Upcoming: Electron Salon at LACDA

I am excited to be part of this group exhibition at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. Thankful to Rex Bruce for the invitation to exhibit. I’m very impressed with their model, and looking forward to following their program. The opening reception is Saturday, Oct. 14 and the show runs through November 9.

Oh, and maybe Elizabeth will be my West Coast alias.

Critical Mass Exhibition at UT Dallas

CRITICAL MASS:   A Survey of UT Dallas’ Visual Arts Alumni 1997-2017





‘SP/N’ Gallery
Opening Reception: Sunday, Oct. 1st, 2017, from 4-7 pm

Exhibition Runs: Oct. 1, 2017 – Nov. 11, 2017

Opening reception: Sunday Oct. 1, 2017   4pm- 7pm

UT Dallas Campus: 3020 Stewart Drive  Richardson,Tx. 75080

20 years/ 45 artists/ 6000 sq. ft. of new gallery space. 

UT Dallas Arts Looking back – moving forward!

It is with great pleasure that the School of Arts and Humanities announces the unveiling of its new 6,000 sq. foot Visual Arts ‘SP/N Gallerycomplex with an unprecedented exhibition celebrating 45 of its Artist Alumni from the past two decades. 

This inaugural show will feature a diverse sampling of 45 artists who have successfully continued to pursue their creative practice after receiving Visual Arts degrees from UTD.  This survey demonstrates the rich range of artists and art making which have achieved recognition on the regional, national and international scene.  From Video, CG graphics, constructed photography, social practice, robotics, publication, installation arts, to the more traditional studio art disciplines, this exhibition provides a compendium of works addressing the most current contemporary dialogue in the Visual Arts.   

Art Writer Danielle Avram in her catalogue essay writes: ‘One can get a strong sense of the breadth of the artists that have come out of UTD. Being an artist is about being forward-thinking; shaking off the fear of reinvention and experimentation, and the art department at UTD fully encourages this sort of leap taking’

The Gallery is located at 3020 Stewart Drive on the  Northwest corner of campus. The gallery complex consists of two conjoined exhibition spaces (4 ,500 sf) dedicated to both student and professional creative research, including 2 project rooms, reception area, office, prep space and the Comer Collection of Photography.  Parking is available on site.


Kimberly Alexander               David Hanson                  Ruben Nieto

Nicole Arendt                         Steph Hargrove               Brent Ozeata          

Willie Baronet                        Luke Harnden                  Giraud Polite

Spencer Brown Pearn           Hillary Holsonback           Adrienne Rosenberg

Lisa Cardenes                       Jin-Ya Huang                   Aqsa Shakil

Val Curry                                Neel Kar                          Paul Slocum

Gabriel Dawe                        Mona Kasra                     Erica Stephens

Cristina De Gennaro             Tim Kolczak                     Raychael Stine

Stephen Duke                       Pierre Krause                  Tim Stokes

Diane Durant                         Yuni Lee                          Lupita Tinnen

Bryan Florentin                      Emily Loving                   Kevin Todora

Brian Fridge                           Kirsten Macy                  Liz Trosper

Jessica Fuentes                     Lauren Marek                 Joachim West

Sally Glass                             Shawn Mayer                 Zeke Williams

Devyn Gaudet                        Cynthia Miro’                  Carlo Zinzi

Now represented by Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas, TX

I’m excited to announce that I am represented by Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas, TX.

Barry is an art dealer par excellence. It’s been my privilege to show with him since 2015, when the gallery was located on Malcolm X Boulevard. He has a history of successfully supporting challenging contemporary art — like that of one of my favorite artists, John Pomara, who I am honored to know and to have studied with at UT Dallas. The current exhibition on view — including Ann Stautberg: Home — is a wonderful example of just such artwork.

Showing work in Barry’s new space on Cole Street in the Design District feels like the perfect venue for the kind of paintings I’m making. I look forward to continuing to cast a critical eye toward painting, its legacy and pushing boundaries with my work in this new context.

Upcoming Exhibition: Fluid Dialog with Tom Motley

For years, Tom Motley and I have been exchanging ideas about painting, both of us from very different backgrounds and perspectives, but with a similar love for the medium and its discourse. For this exhibition, both Tom and I are reaching outside our usual bodies of work to create a dialog between the works themselves. This exhibition will feature works outside of the body of scanner paintings that are my usual focus and will venture into more fluid forms of paint on canvas, printmaking, assemblage and installation. I hope that you will come see the exhibition and possibly join us for the opening reception or artist talk.

Great Times at Nasher’s The Great Create

Back in April, I had the wonderful opportunity to facilitate a workshop table at the Nasher Sculpture Center‘s The Great Create. It’s such an amazing event focused on letting kiddos think with materials in a unique outdoor environment — the Nasher’s unrivaled sculpture garden. Thanks to Paper City for highlighting the event and our lovely workshop team.

Nasher Sculpture Center –

Paper City –